Video: How do I modify customer receipts

Q: When my customer makes a payment on an invoice I would like to print a receipt that shows the original items that they purchased.

In MoneyWorks Express and Gold when a customer makes a payment on an outstanding receivables invoice, you create a Receipt transaction coded to that customer and their outstanding invoices appear. When you apply the payment (full or partial) the printed receipt will only show the details it has recorded, the invoice number date amount paid etc., not the detail lines from the original invoice.

However with most things in MoneyWorks you do have options. Continue reading

Video, applying credit notes to invoices

Credit Notes are negative sales invoices, where you owe a customer for returned products etc. Likewise a Credit Note could be a negative supplier invoice where a supplier owes you money for products you may have returned for credit.

In the quick video below we have created a credit note for a customer who has returned goods and then applied that credit note to an outstanding receivable invoice that a customer still owes, using the Adjust > Contra option. Continue reading

Video modifying and using the transaction lists

The following video demonstrates how to add information to your transaction lists and use the sorting of the lists to create a quick report on the fly. We are using MoneyWorks Gold 6 in the video but customizing list views applies to Express & Cashbook as well, including version 5 customers. Remember all list views (transactions, names items, pop up choices lists, tax code lists etc. can be modified in a similar way and this is just one small example of how you could use these features. Continue reading