Setting up new Tax Rate for Quebec in Moneyworks

NOTE: The previous post was incorrect this update hopefully corrects that.

Rate change starting Jan 1, 2013 : As of January 1, 2013, the provincial rate will no longer be applied to federal GST, but it will be increased to 9.975% to compensate.

The existing tax codes in MoneyWorks will record the new tax rates correctly as the resulting tax rate remains the same, e.g. 14.975%

However if the Quebec government decided to change the tax rate in the future, changes would have to made to the MoneyWorks tax codes. So your choice is to do nothing until the next tax rate change or do a change now that will allow you to more easily manage tax rate changes in the future. Your choice.

Read on to see how to make the change now.

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Lion 10.7 Compatibility

MoneyWorks 6 is compatible with Lion, the new Mac OS (10.7). MoneyWorks 5.3 also appears to work in Lion (but no further updates will be issued if compatibility problems turn up in version 5 as the current version is V6). MoneyWorks 4 (and earlier versions) will not run on Lion since it predates Apple’s switchover to Intel processors and Apple have removed the compatibility layer (Rosetta) from Lion that allowed older software to run on Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Lion also introduces a variety of new technologies such as Versions and iCloud. These were not designed to support complex databases, and hence do not appear to be a good fit for MoneyWorks at this time. This does not mean that you cannot use iCloud as a backup for your MoneyWorks files, it just means that you cannot run your MoneyWorks file directly from iCloud.
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Charging Interest on overdue invoices script

The latest MoneyWorks 6.0.6 update, introduces a new concept of running a MoneyWorks Report as a script.

Basically a Report Script consists of a MoneyWorks custom report that, instead of being installed in the Custom Reports folder, is installed in the Custom Scripts folder. Such a report will appear as an additional command at the bottom of the Command menu.

You can do a lot with a Report Script that you had to previously use something like vbScript (Windows) or AppleScript (Mac), and of course the scripts are platform independent. For example, a Report Script can read a text file, massage it in some way, and then bring the data into your MoneyWorks file as a set of transactions (or customers, jobs etc).

As an example, engineering has created an “Apply Interest” Report Script, which takes the overdue balances in your receivables (either 30+, 60+ or 90+), calculates the interest on these (at a whatever rate you decide), and then optionally creates invoices to charge the overdue customers. Continue reading

How do I enter my serial number

Q: I have downloaded the trial version and created a company file and have been entering my information in there accordingly.  The trial was about to expire and seeing as I like the program I have went ahead and purchased the program.  I cannot find a way to enter the serial number that came with my product.  Am I missing something?

To enter your serial number in MoneyWorks 6, simply click on the Help menu [Red Arrow], and click on the option Enter Serial.

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