Quick AR reports by Sales Rep from MoneyWorks transaction lists

Q: In my old accounting system I used to run a report for all my sales reps that showed all the A/R by Sales rep for their customers. It appears that function is not available in MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks is very flexible and you can create any logical report using the Report Writer. However for basic information such as A/R by sales rep you can quickly run a report right from the transaction lists. Continue reading

How to Contra invoices in MoneyWorks

Q: I created an invoice, then receipt for payment. I then wanted to cancel this invoice so I did a REVERSE on the invoice. It now has an outstanding invoice of negative amount. How do I remove/cancel this?

In this case the user now has the original [incorrect] posted invoice with a payment applied to it, the receipt that applied that payment and a manually reversed invoice.

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How to run simple sales reports from the Transaction Lists?

How do I run a report for a certain customer over time? And sort by highest sales to lowest sales within that same report?

In answer to your first question, a report for a certain customer you can isolate the individual customer or selection of customers s follows:

Go to Show menu Names and the Names list {Red Arrow] opens. Highlight the name [Green Arrow], Go to Reports menu [Black Arrow}, Sales folder [Purple} and select the Customer Sales Report you want e.g. Customer Sales over time.

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Hiding the Payroll in MoneyWorks Gold

Q: How do I hide the Payroll transactions from other users?

Even though MoneyWorks does not include a Payroll Module with all the deductions and withholdings that you are required to make, you can as explained in detail, process payroll in MoneyWorks (See Processing Payroll in Canada or Processing Payroll in the USA). If processing payroll is the most often asked question, the second most asked would be how do I hide the payroll transactions from prying eyes.

So here’s one way to do it. Continue reading

Hiding Journal entries and other stuff

Q:  How do I set up MW Gold so that my additional user doesn’t see journal entries?

There are no magic buttons that you can press to hide a transaction from appearing on the transactions lists. However there are privileges that can be taken away from users, to do functions and to see transactions. Continue reading

Finding Cancelled Transactions

Q: We are a transaction intensive company.  I have about 400 transactions that were posted but have been cancelled and corrected. The problem is that the cancelled transaction looks exactly the same as the corrected one so  need to look up each transaction and then determine which one is correct.  Before I start doing that, I want to be sure this is the ONLY way to get this done.

The status or state of transactions (Receipts, Payments, Invoices etc.) is shown when you click on the Blue Info button of the transaction. Continue reading

Video modifying and using the transaction lists

The following video demonstrates how to add information to your transaction lists and use the sorting of the lists to create a quick report on the fly. We are using MoneyWorks Gold 6 in the video but customizing list views applies to Express & Cashbook as well, including version 5 customers. Remember all list views (transactions, names items, pop up choices lists, tax code lists etc. can be modified in a similar way and this is just one small example of how you could use these features. Continue reading