How do I process drop shipments from Suppliers

Q: How do we track inventory when our suppliers ship direct to our customers. We would like to enter the order from the customer and have that become the order for the supplier but our inventory is always messed up.

If you want to manage inventory, tracking stock on hand etc., you have to record the sales by item number and you have to record the receiving of those items, even if they have never physically entered your warehouse, as in the case of your supplier shipping the goods directly to your customer.

However, using Gold or Datacentre you only have to enter the details of the order once. It starts by assigning the Usual Supplier to the Item Records…. Continue reading

Printing Shipping Labels

Q: How can we print shipping labels for our sales orders, we are using MoneyWorks Gold accounting software for Mac?

MoneyWorks Gold and Express allow you to print consignment shipping labels directly from your sales and purchase transactions (receipts, invoices, sales orders etc.) Consignment in this case means recording the number of boxes sequentially on each shipping label e,g, 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc. The procedure is quite simple, for example: Continue reading

New Sales Order feature in Gold

This is one of those features that the engineers don’t tell you about until later.

One of the much requested features in MoneyWorks Gold 6 was the ability to see Effective Stock levels when entering sales orders (i.e. the Stock-on-hand minus whatever has already been allocated on other sales orders).

To display Effective Stock on a Sales Order instead of stock-on-hand, click the column heading for the SOH column in the sales order entry. The heading will change to “Avail”. This setting will stick until you click the heading again to change it back to SOH.

For example: Continue reading