How do I process drop shipments from Suppliers

Q: How do we track inventory when our suppliers ship direct to our customers. We would like to enter the order from the customer and have that become the order for the supplier but our inventory is always messed up.

If you want to manage inventory, tracking stock on hand etc., you have to record the sales by item number and you have to record the receiving of those items, even if they have never physically entered your warehouse, as in the case of your supplier shipping the goods directly to your customer.

However, using Gold or Datacentre you only have to enter the details of the order once. It starts by assigning the Usual Supplier to the Item Records…. Continue reading

New Sales Order feature in Gold

This is one of those features that the engineers don’t tell you about until later.

One of the much requested features in MoneyWorks Gold 6 was the ability to see Effective Stock levels when entering sales orders (i.e. the Stock-on-hand minus whatever has already been allocated on other sales orders).

To display Effective Stock on a Sales Order instead of stock-on-hand, click the column heading for the SOH column in the sales order entry. The heading will change to “Avail”. This setting will stick until you click the heading again to change it back to SOH.

For example: Continue reading

How do I import inventory on hand stock quantities?

Q: I am in the process of bringing our 3000+ items in to our new company file in preparation for the conversion.  I cannot find in the manual how to bring in the starting quantities for those items.

If just setting up your company file you cannot import your opening inventory  for each item, until you have created or imported the items into MoneyWorks Gold, which is described in detail in the previous post “How do I import my products?Therefore if you have not yet imported your inventory items, refer to that article first, by clicking the link.

In MoneyWorks Gold version 6 you can import quantity on hand for each item, which can be used for setting the opening inventory levels as in this case or for importing annual or periodic inventory stock take. Continue reading

How do I import my products?

Q: I am in the process of bringing our 3000+ items in to our new company file in preparation for the conversion. How do I import the products.

MoneyWorks Express and MoneyWorks Gold include importing and exporting and will import items lists e.g. products, services etc., with the main difference being that MoneyWorks Gold will manage inventory, tracking qty. on hand etc. and Express is just an item list with an assigned income account when selling and cost of goods account when purchasing, there fore not tracking qty on hand. Continue reading

How do I handle Freight Charges

Q:I have several transactions where we need to include the shipping cost as part of the total charge to the customer.  I am currently inputting 2 transactions one by product and one by account so that the shipping charge does not get added to the profit for the sale.  Is it possible to receive money by item and by account on the same transaction?  This does not seem possible, but maybe I am missing something.

In MoneyWorks you can create a Shipping Item Code that can be used to record shipping charges on invoices where you are recording Items. Continue reading