Printing Shipping Labels

Q: How can we print shipping labels for our sales orders, we are using MoneyWorks Gold accounting software for Mac?

MoneyWorks Gold and Express allow you to print consignment shipping labels directly from your sales and purchase transactions (receipts, invoices, sales orders etc.) Consignment in this case means recording the number of boxes sequentially on each shipping label e,g, 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc. The procedure is quite simple, for example: Continue reading

Video: How do I modify customer receipts

Q: When my customer makes a payment on an invoice I would like to print a receipt that shows the original items that they purchased.

In MoneyWorks Express and Gold when a customer makes a payment on an outstanding receivables invoice, you create a Receipt transaction coded to that customer and their outstanding invoices appear. When you apply the payment (full or partial) the printed receipt will only show the details it has recorded, the invoice number date amount paid etc., not the detail lines from the original invoice.

However with most things in MoneyWorks you do have options. Continue reading

How do I use MoneyWorks in French

I am in Quebec & I need to print my cheques in French?

Although MoneyWorks is sold in 70+ countries it is only available in English. However you can enter your account descriptions (chart of accounts), customer and supplier info and your item descriptions in French. If you are using MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Gold you can also customize the existing forms (invoices, purchase orders, packing slips, etc.) in French or create new ones. MoneyWorks also uses the number formats of your operating system, so the English $1,000.00 can be entered as 1000,00$ if desired.  New in version 6 you can also set the written amounts of the cheques to print in French, by using the Forms Designer (not available in MoneyWorks Cashbook). Continue reading

How do I adjust the fonts and layouts in reports

Q: My accountant wants a print out of all the transactions for last year. As recommended I choose the Ledger Report, but there are many lines on the report is too tight for him to clearly see. I can adjust the print size, but how is their a way to add spaces between the lines?

MoneyWorks allows you to choose the font that your want to use for reports and set up the page layout for each of your reports. Here’s how. Continue reading

How do I add a total discount line on my invoices

Q: We often add discounts to different items that we sell to various customers. It is not always the same for each product or each customer. We use the percentage discounts amount in each detail line of the invoice, but we would like to advise the customer how much of a discount we have given them in total and in dollars. I’ve modified my invoices using the forms designer but how do I add a total discount line on my invoices?

As you are aware MoneyWorks Express and Gold allow you customize invoices. Open the invoice that you modified in forms designer. In this example we are going to add  a calculation field at the bottom of the invoice that will calculate the total percentage discounts given on all the detail of the invoice in dollars. Continue reading