The Chart Accounts

A new generic white paper explaining the Chart of Accounts. The purpose of the White Paper linked here, is to provide small to medium sized business owners with an understanding of the Chart of Accounts.

It is best suited for owners are who starting up their first business. The author is a small business owner and not an accountant and the information provided here should not be considered accounting advice, which probably makes for a more interesting read.

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Chart of Accounts: Using Categories

Q: I am taking care in setting up my chart of accounts, using MoneyWorks Cashbook on a my Mac and wanted to know how to use categories?

About the Chart of Accounts

All versions of MoneyWorks (Cashbook, Express & Gold) contain a fully integrated General Ledger and standardized chart of accounts. The chart of accounts templates (e.g. General Business etc.) are presented with the account types sequentially numbered in North American standards (e.g. GIFI in Canada. GAAP in the USA).

Of course the numbered codes (e.g. 7 alphanumeric characters) and the descriptions (e.g. 39 alphanumeric characters) can be changed to best represent and record the details that you want to or are required to track in your business (see TIPS article: modifying your chart of accounts).

Additionally MoneyWorks Gold consists of a departmentalized general ledger, meaning that you can set up departments and/or cost centers that allow you to track and report on individual business units e.g. locations, fleet of vehicles, departmentalized personal etc, See Tips article: How Departments work n MoneyWorks Gold.

Categorizing your Chart of Accounts

Alternatively to departmentalized or cost center accounting, many businesses categorize their accounts so that they can report and analyze their business results (e.g. Balance Sheet, Income Statement or P&L) in differing formats. Although they may possibly want to record their expenses, income, assets etc. into very detailed accounts for governmental or other financial considerations, when reviewing their results each month they are more concerned about how much was expensed by category or type of expense, e.g. all vehicle expenses as opposed to individual expenses for each vehicle or all communication charges versus each cell phone, land line, fax and internet connection. Continue reading

How do I import the Chart of Accounts?

Q: We want to import the chart of accounts from our old accounting software that we have been using for 10 years?

The accounts lists in MoneyWorks are very customizable and typically customers choose to modify one of the existing account templates that they select when creating their company file. See the Tips article  on our North American Support page: Modifying your Chart of Accounts, before going ahead with importing your existing one. It might save you time and be easier than you think.

However if you are using MoneyWorks Express, Gold or Datacentre you can import your charts with some caveats and modifications. A knowledge of spreadsheets is required. Continue reading

How do the departments work in MoneyWorks Gold?

MoneyWorks Gold has a departmentalized GL. meaning that you can create departments, assign them to a department group(s). The Department Group is assigned to the various, income and expense accounts that you want to track by department. You can then produce individualized income statements/P&Ls for each department, groups of departments or combined departments in a classified/combined income statement.

e.g. property management: a business owns a building with multiple rental units and wants to track the received and costs incurred for each rental unit and the building as a whole. So in our example each rental unit will be a department. Continue reading