Finding Cancelled Transactions

Q: We are a transaction intensive company.  I have about 400 transactions that were posted but have been cancelled and corrected. The problem is that the cancelled transaction looks exactly the same as the corrected one so  need to look up each transaction and then determine which one is correct.  Before I start doing that, I want to be sure this is the ONLY way to get this done.

The status or state of transactions (Receipts, Payments, Invoices etc.) is shown when you click on the Blue Info button of the transaction. Continue reading

How do the departments work in MoneyWorks Gold?

MoneyWorks Gold has a departmentalized GL. meaning that you can create departments, assign them to a department group(s). The Department Group is assigned to the various, income and expense accounts that you want to track by department. You can then produce individualized income statements/P&Ls for each department, groups of departments or combined departments in a classified/combined income statement.

e.g. property management: a business owns a building with multiple rental units and wants to track the received and costs incurred for each rental unit and the building as a whole. So in our example each rental unit will be a department. Continue reading