Quick AR reports by Sales Rep from MoneyWorks transaction lists

Q: In my old accounting system I used to run a report for all my sales reps that showed all the A/R by Sales rep for their customers. It appears that function is not available in MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks is very flexible and you can create any logical report using the Report Writer. However for basic information such as A/R by sales rep you can quickly run a report right from the transaction lists. Continue reading

Is it possible to export to Caseware

Q: Our accountant requires ledger data to be exported to Caseware and I had noticed in support forums that there was a Caseware Export feature

Yes it is. Not sure which version you downloaded .. i.e. how long ago … as the current trial download (demo) is version 6 and it does have a Caseware option available when you select the Accountant’s Export function (File > Accountant’s Export): Continue reading