Quick AR reports by Sales Rep from MoneyWorks transaction lists

Q: In my old accounting system I used to run a report for all my sales reps that showed all the A/R by Sales rep for their customers. It appears that function is not available in MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks is very flexible and you can create any logical report using the Report Writer. However for basic information such as A/R by sales rep you can quickly run a report right from the transaction lists.

Open the Transactions list (Show menu > Transactions) and choose the Receivables list [Red Arrow] > Click the Find icon [Green Arrow] > The Find window will open [Blue Arrow] > Choose the Salesperson field in the first drop down list [Purple Arrow] > Choose “is” in the second drop down list [OrangeArrow] and type the Salesperson Code e.g. RANDY (Note this is up case) > Click Find [Black Arrow]

How to use the MoneyWorks transaction list

You then end up with a list of Randy’s AR invoices… Click the Cust Code field [Red Arrow] so that the list is sorted by Customer > Click the Print icon [Green Arrow] > The Print Transaction list window [Blue Arrow] opens > Click Print as shown on Screen [Purple Arrow} and the Sub-total by Cust  button > Give the report a name [Orange Arrow] > Choose your Output e.g. print, excel email etc [Black Arrow] and…

Printing from MoneyWorks

you end up with a report like this, showing Randy’s customer’s with a receivable balance.

How do you run sales reports in MoneyWorks

MoneyWorks provides over 80 built in reports covering all aspects of the application. More reports than most companies would ever use. Additionally using MoneyWorks Gold you can create any number of additional Analysis Reports** and Custom detailed reports.

Note: for Express and Cashbook customers that do not have the powerful report writing tools of MoneyWorks Gold, reports can be created in Gold that can be installed and will work with Cashbook and Express.

It takes time to learn how to create custom reports using the Gold Report Writer tools.

However, all customers and users of MoneyWorks should learn how to create specialized reports from the transaction lists. In fact in should be mandatory that they know how to do so.

** Next week I will be adding TIPS articles on how to create Analysis reports.

If you require assistance/training in learning how to use MoneyWorks transactions or in reality, any functions within MoneyWorks visit my MoneyWorks Support Service site, which includes Custom Report Writing services.

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