How to verify which employee entered a transaction into MoneyWorks

Q: We are in a multiuser MoneyWorks environment.  How do I show or check which employee entered a transaction or transactions into the accounting system?

There is always more than one way to do things in MoneyWorks and believe it or not, this is a good thing.

In the simplest way, you can just add the initials of the employees who logged in and entered the transaction(s). The initials displayed are the initials assigned to the employee(s) [Red rectangle] when setting up the sharing for your company file.

How do I set up user initials in MoneyWorks

Go to the All view list of the Transaction list (as this will list all transactions entered) and right click anywhere inside the list and an options list [Blue arrow] will appear > Select “Customize List View..” option [Green arrow].
How do I personalize List views in MoneyWorks
Alternatively, you can go to the Edit menu at the top of your computer screen and choose “Customize List View…”.
  • The List View Options window will open [Red arrow]
  • Find the EnteredBy field on the left [Orange arrow] and double click it or highlight and clicjk the Move button in the centre.
  • The Entered by field will appear on the right side
How do I customize a transaction list in MoneyWorks
Optionally, while in the List View Options window, you can format the list by assigning a different label/column header [Red arrow] to the new column/field and set the alignment of the column/field [Purple Arrow]. Click OK.
How Do I format List views in MoneyWorks
The List will now show the initials of the employees that entered the transactions, under a new column labelled “Initials” [Orange arrow]
How do i adda column to a MoneyWorks list
Note: the now customized list will only appear as customized on the computer/client that you entered it. In other words the initials column will not appear on the All transactions list of other users as it is only specific to your login name.
A simple way to quickly find who entered a transaction is to type the initials of employee e.g. “MJS” for Mary Jane Smith into the MoneyWorks filter field [Green arrow] and the two transactions that Mary Jane created will appear [Red rectangle]
How do you use MoneyWorks filters in Transaction lists
Note: the filter (a MoneyWorks version 7 feature) will search all fields within each transaction and if as an example a customer name or code had the combination of “MJS” e.g. MJS Shoe company, the transaction(s) for the MJS Shoe company would also appear in the filtered list.
As a third option, if the searching/filtering of initials was something that you regularly wanted to do, you can create a Filter function that will search the EnteredBy field of the transactions and store them as an option.
  • Click the down arrow in the search/filter field [Purple arrow]
  • The Filter options list will appear
  • Choose Edit Filters [red arrow]
How to set up Filter functions in MoneyWorks
  • The Filter functions window will open [Orange arrow]
  • Click the New icon [Green arrow]
  • The Calculation window will open
  • Find the EnteredBy field [Black arrow]
  • Double click it and it will be entered in the Calculation  field [Purple rectangle]
  • Enter the equals “=” sign and in quotations the login initials of the employee you want to set the filter up for e.g “MJS”
  • Name the Filter [Red rectangle] e.g. Find Mary Jane Smith

How to set up a permanent Filter function in a MoneyWorks list

  • Then as an option choose the “All views for this file” [Red arrow]
  • And the Find Mary Jane Smith filter will appear as an option on all the transactions lists e.g. appearing on the Sales Invoices view [Blue arrow]
  • Note the Chosen filter will remain on the List view [Brown arrow]
  • Until you either back space to clear it or select the No Filter option[Mauve arrow]
How do you setup filters in MoneyWorks 7
I apologize if this reply/post might seem like overkill to simply find which employee entered a transaction, but it is important to learn how to use the powerful list views in MoneyWorks.
If you need more help, assistance, training with MoneyWorks visit my MoneyWorks Support Services here.

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