How do I lock periods in MoneyWorks

Question:How do I go in and lock the year end so that no changes can be made after that date?

  • Go to the Command menu [Orange arrow]
  • Choose Open/Close Period [Red rectangle]

How do you lock periods in MoneyWorks

  • The Period Management window will open [Orange arrow]
  • Click the newest period that you want to close [Red arrow]
    • e.g. Choosing Dec will lock Dec and every month/period before Dec
  • Click the Lock button [Blue arrow]

How do you mange periods in MoneyWorks

  • The selected periods will be locked (marked with a X [Red rectangle]
  • If in the future you can unlock the locked periods
  • Except when unlocking periods [Green arrow]
  • You choose the oldest period that you want to unlock
    • e.g. select Dec 2013 if you would like to undo/unlock the periods/months that have just been locked.
  • How do you lock months in MoneyWorks
  • When you go to enter a date into a transaction for a period/month that is locked
  • e.g. March 19, 2014 [Red rectangle], a period that is locked
  • MW will display a warning message stating that the Date is out of range
  • To avoid the error, click No [Purple arrow] and correct the date

How to correct a transaction in MoneyWorks

  • Note: if you Click Yes
  • MW will accept the date, e.g. March 19, 2014 in this case
  • However, MW will select the earliest open period/month
    • e.g. January 2015 [Red rectangle] for the transaction.

MoneyWorks accounting software

The resulting error will be that the April sale, in this case will appear in the January period for all Monthly reports.

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