Updating the selling price of your items

Question: Is it possible to do a price increase on all our products in one step? Instead of having to go into each individual product in raise the price we’d like to do a 4% increase across the board.

Step 1
  • Open Items to the Products view or a filtered view if you are doing a select group of products.
  • Highlight the products you want to change.
  • Copy the selection (Command key + C on a Mac or Control key + C on a PC)

How do I update prices in MoneyWorks

Step 2
  • Open Excel select cell A1 and paste (Command + V or Control + V)
  • Note the first row will be headers listing MW field names [Green Arrow]
  • Find SellPrice column [Red arrow] and make your changes adding e.g. adding 4%

How do I import items in MoneyWorks

Step 3
  • Although you could just highlight the entire spreadsheet > copy and then paste back into the MW Items List, it might be easier for you to take a few extra steps.
  • Go to file menu in excel and Save the file as a Tab Delimited Text file [Orange arrow]
  • Location Desktop

How do I format excel to import into MoneyWorks

Step 4
  • Drag the file from the Desktop and drop it on the open MW Item List and an Import Field Order window will open
  • [Note: this is also known as a MW Import Map]
  • Purple arrow – Click the drop down menu arrow next to the Load button
  • Blue arrow – Choose Default
  • Red Rectangle – Make sure the File Format is “Tabs with field names” as shown
  • Green arrow – Click the Options button
  • Red arrow – the Options window will open
  • Blue arrow – Check Update if Exists, Click Ok to Options window
  • Black arrow – Click Ok to the Import Map

How do I use the import map in MoneyWorks

Step 5
  • A MW activity window will open where MW will check the import setup
  • When complete, if no errors Click Import button [Yellow arrow]
How do I import in MoneyWorks
  • MW will import the data
  • When the import is complete as shown by the status bar [Green rectangle]
  • Click the Close button [Orange arrow]

How do I close the MoneyWorks import

The Items list will now show the new Selling price [Red rectangle]
Are the prices updated in MoneyWorks
  • If in a shared environment, you must be in single user mode (the only one on the system)
  • You must have full access in privileges
  • If you are using Numbers instead of excel, you save the Numbers file as c.s.v. format (comma separated values]
  • Remove the first row (Headers) from the Numbers spreadsheet
  • Choose “Comma – delimited” as the File Format [Red rectangle] of the MW Import Map
How do I import into MoneyWorks using csv
If you are not as confident as you would like to be with importing records into MW, create a copy/backup of the company file and practice the export/import on that file before going live. The most time consuming part of process is adjusting the spreadsheet to the new prices.
Or as a last resort, hire a MW consultant, with very reasonable prices, to import the adjusted spreadsheet into the company file for you. 🙂

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