How is the MoneyWorks Purchase Order default setup

Another common question from new users from who I received two this month, is about how MoneyWorks records ship to addresses on purchase orders and records  part numbers being ordered.

Q: I am confused about how MoneyWorks adds the shipping address to the Purchase Order I send to the supplier. Sometimes I need them to ship to a special address. And they also want me to use their part numbers, which totally messes up my Item coding system.

  • When you open the PO entry screen the To field [Blue Arrow] shows the name of the Supplier

How do the addresses work in MoneyWorks

  • Clicking the right pointing arrow to the left of the To field
  • The mailing address of the suppler is displayed from their Names record [Red Arrow]
  • The Deliver To: [Red Rectangle] field appears and will be populated with your delivery address

How do you enter a Purchase Order in MoneyWorks

  • if you have filled your Delivery address in your Company Details as shown below
  • If not go to the Show menu > Company Details and fill them in [Green Rectangle].

Where to enter company details in MoneyWorks

  • Optionally if you click the Deliver To button [Green Arrow] a Choices list will open listing all your stored names records (suppliers & customers)
  • Where you can select one of them as a the delivery address [Orange Arrow]
  • Ideal for requesting a direct ship to your customer or drop shipment to the work site,

How to enter the Ship To address in MoneyWorks

  • Lastly if you click the right pointing arrow [Red Arrow] to the left of the now open Deliver Address, you can then edit/modify the delivery address [Red Rectangle]
  • e.g.adding instructions or a one time address change etc.

How do you enter a Purchase Order in MoneyWorks

  • Note if you choose this option leave the now modified field open

Part Numbers used on MoneyWorks Purchase Orders:

If you want or more importantly your supplier wants their part numbers to be recorded on your Purchase Orders to them, enter your supplier’s part numbers in the Supplier’s Code field [Red Arrow} of the Reordering section of the Item Record [Green Rectangle below].

You should also record the Supplier Name Code for auto purchase orders and other pertinent details e.g. minimum order qty, weight, lead time.

If you do not know their part no. leave it blank as shown in the second item [Orange Arrow] in the Items list below.

MoneyWorks auto Purchase Order

The Purchase Order Entry screen will obviously only show your item codes, but when you print, email previewed etc the resulting Purchase Order, the Item codes listed will be your suppliers, except for the missing one [PurpleArrow] which will show your code,

moneyworks purchase order

If you have more questions and need support for MoneyWorks® accounting software, visit MoneyWorks Support Services here.

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