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MoneyWorks has had a built in sales commission report since version 4 and I am surprised that I did not do a article on this feature before since I seem to answer queries about it every month. So here goes.

Setting up your salespeople:

Open your Names records [Show menu > Names] > the Names list [Red arrow] will open > Select the Others list view [Green arrow] on the left > Click New icon and create a maximum 3 character code e.g. initials and enter the salesperson name [Gold rectangle] and enter the commission rate for that salesperson in this case 10% by entering 10 in the Category1 field [Blue arrow] Salesperson setiup 1Note: In this example we are paying each salesperson a commission (although at unique rates per person) on their sales, regardless of which products they sell. If your company pays a different commission rate for each product (regardless of salesperson) you would leave the Names Category field empty and instead enter the rate of commission to be paid in each item under the item category 1 field.

Assigning the Salesperson to the customer:

Open the customer record(s) in this case the Hardcastle Design Studios and click the Pricing & Terms tab [Green square] and enter the assigned salesperson code e.g. BS in the Salesperson field [Red arrow] Salesperson setiup 2 PMThis will now be the default salesperson for this customer going forward, meaning that when you enter the customer code into a sales order, sales invoice or cash receipt in the case of a cash only customer, the salesperson field in the transaction will be auto entered.

Changing the assigned salesperson or adding a salesperson on the fly

The default salesperson code can be overwritten or entered in the transaction at the time of entry. Reveal the hidden user-defined fields in the transaction by choosing Show Analysis Fields or Show All Fields menu item under the Fields icon [Blue arrow] in the transaction. The populated Salesperson field [Red arrow] will appear, where you can delete or change or if blank add the salesperson name code. Salesperson setiup 4 Note: changes can only be made in the transaction at the time or entry or if the transaction is in an un-posted status. Once posted the assigned salesperson cannot be deleted or changed.

Printing a Commission Report:

Reports menu [Blue arrow] > Sales folder > Commission Report [Red arrow] > the Settings for “Commission Report” window [Yellow arrow] will open. For a report where the commission rate is the same for all items sold choose Rate By: Salesperson [Orange arrow] and since we entered the commission rate in the Category1 field in the salesperson’s Names record, select Category1 [Green arrow] (Note: we could of used Cat2, 3 or 4 as well as the Custom1, 2, 3, 4 of the Names record0) Calculate on margin or total sales amount. In other words does the salesperson make 10% on the sale price or only on the profit of the sale. Check if you want calculate on profit earned. Hide costs option. If you are paying commission on the total sales amount and do not want your salespeople to know the true cost of the items, check Hide Costs. By checking Omit Deposits you prevent paying a commission on the customer’s deposit against a sale, Set the time interval choosing the “from” period/month to “to” period/month. If you want a separate page for each salesperson, check Page Break between. Commission Report

Page layout for reports

Note: the default page layout and therefore the resulting report layout sucks for this report and many of the other cool reports, that the MoneyWorks folks provide. For the Commission Report click the page layout icon [Black arrow] in the Settings for Commission Report > the Page Setup window [Red arrow] will open > choose landscape [Blue arrow] and set the scale to 70% [Yellow arrow] , Click OK which will return you to the Settings window. Salesperson setiup 5Choose your output and in this case you will get a report that looks like so: With a page for Bob Smith, a page for Mary Jones and a summary page page with all sales. commission report

Adding salesperson name to invoice

If you do not pay commissions or if your commission structure is more complex, you can still use the salesperson setup and the assignment of salesperson codes to customers and/or transactions to record the salesperson’s name on the invoice form, which many customers like to do.

Go to the layout/forms designer page of your invoice. Add a field label and calculation field [Red rectangle]. Double click the field and the calculation window [Green arrow] will open enter the Lookup calculation [Red arrow] as shown below.

Adding salesperson name to invoiceThe invoice will then display the salesperson’s name [Red rectangle]

Adding salesperson name to invoice 2


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