Importing Purchase Orders

Q. Can I import a purchase order with 500 items on it.

As with other imports into MW e.g. names, products etc., you can also import transactions. In this case we will be importing a purchase order with up to 1o items from one supplier.  from a spreadsheet (excel or numbers) that has been saved as c.s.v. Although I may have more details, PO number, date, address etc. only three fields are needed, Supplier Name.code, Item Code, and Qty ordered. (meaning that the suppliers and items should already be entered/imported into MW.Importing csv

Open the transaction list window  [Blue] > Select any view [Red Arrow} > Drag the csv file from your desktop and top on the open list [Green Arrow] after a slight pause > the Import  Field Order window [Purple Arrow] will open in it’s default Tab Delimited file format

MoneyWorks import map

1. Change File Format to Comma -Delimited [Red Arrow] the list view will change similar to below
2. Click the Options button [Blue Arrow} and the Options window {blue Arrow] will Open.
3. Choose Transactions are split over multiple lines of text [Orange}
4. Set Key Field to NameCode (meaning multiple purchase orders could be entered on the spreadsheet separate by the Suppler’s name code and up to 1,000 lines per supplier/PO
5. Click OK and the NameCode field in the list will turn red with a ket symbol
6. Move the Destination fields [grab and move up or down] to line up with in this case the four fields in the spreadsheet as shown below.
7. Once the four fields are set, click the arrows twice [Blue Square} turning them off as shown.
Note: the other fields that are necessary to record a transaction will automatically switch to Work it Out.
8. Find the Type field, uncheck the black arrow similar to above and then check the white arrow on the right [Green Arrow] and the Line Value Window [Green Arrow] will open.
9. Check the Use Value button and enter PO in the field [Brown Arrow] Click Ok
10. Check the skip Bad records checkbox at the bottom left [Black Arrow}
11. Click OK [Yellow Arrow] to import

MoneyWorks Support on PO

And the import will occur except some records may not be imported as this message window explains. The skipped detail lines will be listed in the white area [Red Square} or the rejected items can be reviewed by clicking the Rejects button [Blue Arrow below] and a window will open showing a text file/excel file listing the rejected rows.
In this example the Top Row of the spreadsheet was not imported….
Click Close to complete the import

Importing in MoneyWorks

The new Purchase Order will appear in the “Entered today” list view. Double click the PO [Red Arrow} to see the details

MoneyWorks Importing

To repeat multiple Purchase Orders to different suppliers can be imported at one time with each one have up to 1,000 line items.

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