Applying multiple suppliers to an open PO

Q: I have an open PO that I want to process multiple receivings’, with different supplier invoices against this open PO. How do I do that please?

Process the PO as Receive goods with Invoice {green Arrow} > Enter the Qty received for the first supplier > Click the OK button and the Order Processing window opens Assign the invoice no. and uncheck the Post Check Box. > Click Process….

MoneyWorks Purchase orders

An unposted Purchase Invoice is created.
Note the easiest & quickest way to find the invoice is to highlight the PO in tyne still open list [Purple} and click the Related icon [Orange} > the Find Related window [Green] opens > Select No.9 invoices & Click OK…
 Multiple Suppliers
The newly created unposted purchase invoice will appear in the All list. > double click it opening the invoice and change the supplier code to what ever supplier you want and then post the invoice,

Receiving Goods

The posting of the invoice receives the goods and move the Invoice into Payables.

Then go back to the PO and receive the next qty for the next supplier and so forth…

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