Adding Payment details on Customer Invoice.

Q: I am trying to code my invoice to show multiple payment receipt lines against a single invoice. Format required:

  • Payment Date/Receipt#/Amount Paid/GST on Payment
  • 10/2/13 / 002 / $380 / $38
  • 20/4/13 / 004 / $200 / $20

In this example the Rose company purchased $932 of widgets on Invoice 33333, and then made two payments ($100 & $200) on the invoice that were recorded as receipts shown below.

Amount Paid details

And when we print the inv. we get the details as shown in the Red Square listing the date of the receipts, the receipt nos., the amt. of the receipts, plus in this case a calculation for tax for the Australian that wanted this calc.

MoneyWorks Form Design

Create a Payments type List with 4 columns and this Search function (Edit > Forms Designer > List Options)

  • Transaction.SequenceNumber=Payments.InvoiceID

MoneyWorks Forms Design


Date Paid column calc is :

  • Payments.Date

Receipt Number Column is:

  • Lookup(Payments.CashTrans,”Transaction.OurRef”)

Amt. Paid Column is:

  • Payments.Amount

Your inclusive AUS GST column:

  • Payments.Amount / 110 * 10

Custom Invoice Calculations


As posted on the Cognito Community Forum.

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