Handling Overpayments in MoneyWorks

Q: I have a few customers that have overpaid their invoices by a few cents.  How do I write off these small amounts?

Write off overpayments

Create a Debtor Invoice for the amount of the overpayment [Blue Arrow] > Then create a Receipt [light Green] > Enter the customer code [Orange Arrow] > The Previous Overpayment for Debtor window opens [Red Arrow} > Click the Use Previous Surplus [Green Arrow] . The Apply Overpayment opens [Purple] > Click the Apply button [Black Arrow].

Writing off overpayments in MoneyWorks

The Overpayment and outstanding invoice offset each other removing the invoice from AR.

Or Return the overpayment,
Go to Command menu > Choose Adjustments > Choose Return Cheque Debtor > The Return Cheque to Debtor window opens > highlight desired overpayment > Click Continue > The Return Cheque Window opens > fill in the payment details > Click OK…
Returning Overpayments In MoneyWorks
A payment is created to print a cheque and send to the customer.

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