Adding GST and PST to your invoices in BC

If you are using MoneyWorks V6 in BC you will now have to convert back to GST & PST (see previous article) and then add the GST &  PST to your invoices. If you were using MoneyWorks prior to July 1, 2010, you most likely have the appropriate fields on the form, In any case you will either have to modify them or add them to your invoice form using Forms Designer. At the bottom of the invoice you will need the following calculation fields:

HasPST field

The HasPST field is an invisible (does not print) calculation field that triggered the display of the PST taxes. It is usually located at the top of form around the date & invoice no. Select show Invisibles under the Options icon at the top of the Forms Designer window to find it. If it is not their create the calculation field as shown below and set visibility to always invisible (Highlight field go to Edit menu > Form Designer > Visibility).


The PST tax field.

If you do not have a PST tax field add the field and calculation as shown below.

PST Tax field

The PST header can be a straight text header “PST:” or if you want it to only appear when PST is involved set the header to a calculation field as shown below.


The GST tax field

If different set your former HST tax field to the calculation shown below:


The tax header cab be a straight text field “GST:” or you can change the current HST header to the following calculation.

GST Tax Header



With these calculations invoices using the T tax code (as described in the previous article) will print as follows, showing the GST & PST labels and amounts.

Invoice with PST


Note only Express and Gold users can modify invoices,

If you are not experienced at using the MoneyWorks Forms Designer and require assistance, contact your consultant or The Loman Group.  We will modify invoices and set up your GST & PST for a nominal fee.

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