How to run simple sales reports from the Transaction Lists?

How do I run a report for a certain customer over time? And sort by highest sales to lowest sales within that same report?

In answer to your first question, a report for a certain customer you can isolate the individual customer or selection of customers s follows:

Go to Show menu Names and the Names list {Red Arrow] opens. Highlight the name [Green Arrow], Go to Reports menu [Black Arrow}, Sales folder [Purple} and select the Customer Sales Report you want e.g. Customer Sales over time.

The Settings for the report will open [Red arrow] and Note that 1 Name is selected for Analysis [Orange], you can set your time reference [Green box] plus showing more details or not [Purple box} or click Fewer options button [Green Arrow] and the settings window changes [Blue Arrow] showing easier and more current time frames e.g. a quick sales report the day etc.

Try the different reports and as in the case of the one below you can drill down on the different components of the report e.g. Blue arrow] which opens the DEtail line items that made up that Month for the Customer where if you wanted you could Print the month [Purple Arrow] by clicking the Print icon.

All the sales reports provided deal with items as well as customer selection (e.g. listings the details lines of each invoice etc.) and although they are very flexible there is not a set report that shows what you particularly want to see asper your second question.

And sort by highest sales to lowest sales within that same report?

The existing reports can be customized using the report writing function of MW Gold and consultants will modify those reports or create ones from scratch for a fee. Fees rightfully vary based on the type and details required in reports, but assume $150.00 as a minimum.

HOWEVER, as pictured below, you also run reports from your transaction lists and for as list of sales sorted by gross instead of the usual time frame reports Open your Transaction List (CMD + T on a Mac or CONTRL + T on a PC).

Select the Sales Invoices list view [Red Arrow] this will show all Sales Invoices. Click the Find icon or (CMD + F or CONTRL + F) and the Find window p[en [Blue Arrow] Choose Name Code from the first drop down list [Green Arrow] Select is {Purple} snd enter the name code you want to find e.g. GREEN, Select Search Whole List [Red Circle].

and the Transaction list will now show only the 32 invoices for Green Garden Depot in this case, Note the the 32 of total 288 reference [Blue Arrow].

Now if you wanted to only look at a set timeframe for Green’s invoices or some other criteria, you could do a second find by clicking the Find icon [red Arrow] and set the Find like so choosing the Transaction date field [Green Arrow] and the search criteria to “is after” [Purple Arrow] and set a certain date and note select “Find in Found Set” [Orange Circle]. Note: you could keep refining the finds to the Found Set.

In any case we now have a list of the Green Depot invoices in the time frame we desire, and to get the desired sort “highest sales to lowest sales” from your question, click the Gross column {Red Arrow} and the list sorts descending by gross, click again it would sort descending.

With Gross column select as shown go to the Print icon [Purple Arrow}, the Print Transaction List window opens, select Print as Shown [Green Arrow], Give the report a name and click Preview/Print/E,ail/Excel/Numbers or whatever as you output and you get a report for the one customer [Orange Arrow] sorted by Gross Largest to smallest [Blue Arrow].

By removing columns from the transaction list (Edit menu > Customize List View) or adding more columns with additional info or more complex calculations etc. you could easily create other more complex reports, sorted by customer, multiple selected customers or other criteria e.g. certain products or services (find by Item Code etc.).

Or hire consultants like myself to create or modify reports.

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