Finding Cancelled Transactions

Q: We are a transaction intensive company.  I have about 400 transactions that were posted but have been cancelled and corrected. The problem is that the cancelled transaction looks exactly the same as the corrected one so  need to look up each transaction and then determine which one is correct.  Before I start doing that, I want to be sure this is the ONLY way to get this done.

The status or state of transactions (Receipts, Payments, Invoices etc.) is shown when you click on the Blue Info button of the transaction.e.g. open a negative receipt and click the Info Button [Red] and the Info window opens {Green] where you can various details about this Receipt, whether reconciled, whether reported on your Tax report (VAT type type tax reports), whether it is a Cancellation or Cancelled Receipt and whether you want it displayed on the customer statement {Blue Arrows]

However opening 400 or so transactions to check and maybe colour code them for future reference would be ridiculous, so Alternatively you could add a calculation to your list views to show you the status or set up a filter that found the Cancelled (transaction that was cancelled) and the Cancellation (reversing entry).

Go to Transactions by Status > All in the Navigator [Red Arrow below] so you can see all your transactions and click the down Arrow to the right of the Display All button [Green] and chose Edit from the drop down list [Orange Arrow].

The Filter Functions Window will Open, click the New icon [Green Arrow below] and the Calculation window will open [Orange] where you enter calculation as shown [Red Arrow], Give the Filter a Name [Blue Arrow} and if desired select “All Views for this File” from the drop down list [Purple Arrow} so that you can use it on every list view. Click Ok.

Note here is the exact calculation: TestFlags (Flags, 2) or TestFlags (Flags, 1) however be careful if you copy and paste as you might pick up hidden characters from the web. Manually entering usually works better.

Then click Done to close the Filter Functions Window and you new Filter is now located under the Display All Button which, if selected will display the Cancelled & Cancellation transactions, which you could then colour code if desired.

Alternatively you could add the status to a column in the list view:

Starting in the same spot, All Transactions [Red Arrow below], right click the transactions list and a functions list appears [Blue Arrow], choose Customize List View [Purple]

The List View Options Window will open. The Fields on the Right are the existing columns on the  list. The fields on the list are the ones you can add. Move the slider to the bottom of the list on the left [Red Arrow} and double click the Heading [“your calculation here’] field [Blue Arrow] and it will move to the right side or highlight and click the Move button [Purple]

With the Heading field highlighted on the Right Side [Purple Arrow], Click the Edit Button [Red Arrow].

The Edit Window will open delete the description in the Calculation area [Red Arrow] and type in the calculation shown below [Purple Arrow]. give the column a name e.g. Cancelled [Blue Arrow], click OK done arrow.

Here’s the calc, again with the same copying caveats.

If (TestFlags (Flags, 2), “Cancellation”, If (TestFlags (Flags, 1), “Cancelled”, ” “))

Clicking OK takes you back to the List View Options window where you can position the new column wherever you want by dragging up and down e.g. top is left, bottom is right. Note you can also set the alignment of the text left Centre Right.

Click OK and the cancelled & cancellation transactions are shown in the list view. Sort the Cancelled list, by clicking the column name [Red Arrow]. Click once the column is ascending, click again descending.

Note you could change the calculation to show any character or number e.g. to show the letter C change Cancelled and Cancellation to C in the calc like so.
If (TestFlags (Flags, 2), “C“,  If (TestFlags (Flags, 1), “C“, ” “))
The bottom line is that the status or state of transactions are flagged internally and the Test Flag function in conjunction with If statements can find and record the status. See more above Test Flags on page G-410 of the pdf manual.

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