Printing Shipping Labels

Q: How can we print shipping labels for our sales orders, we are using MoneyWorks Gold accounting software for Mac?

MoneyWorks Gold and Express allow you to print consignment shipping labels directly from your sales and purchase transactions (receipts, invoices, sales orders etc.) Consignment in this case means recording the number of boxes sequentially on each shipping label e,g, 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc. The procedure is quite simple, for example:

In this example customer Smith and Sons is ordering 20 BronzeWidgets and 10 Chrome Widgets and since I was in stock I created a Sales Invoice as they can be shipped today.

After filling in the normal invoice details, click the Fields icon [Red Arrow] and select Show All Fields [Green Arrow]. The User defined fields will appear where you enter the number of cartons that you will be shipping [Purple Arrow]. e.g. we ship 10 widgets in a carton, so we enter 3. Click the print icon [Blue Arrow] which moves ti the OK button Click OK.

Print Sales Invoices will open, Select Consignment Labels 8 Up (the default label provided) as the form to use.

Load your label sheet in the printer and note the number of used labels. Click Print and the Start at Label window will open where you select which ;abel you want to start printing on as you might have used three labels earlier.

And the Labels will print out like so.

Note the Labels are easily customizable in size, number of labels to a page, font used and fields of information you wish to display on the label, as well as which user defined field you decide to use to record the number of cartons on the invoice. To modify the labels click the Layout button instead of Print.

The Layout window for the label will open…

The Shaded area in the upper left is the key label. Depending what size and number of labels per page you desire you make the width of the key label wider or narrower or longer or shorter by dragging the edge with you mouse.

e.g. making 2 labels to a page.. drag as far as I can to the right, then drag as far down until I have two labels on the page.

Once the label layout is set, click the Edit this form in Forms Designer [Green Arrow above].

The Labels will open in Forms Designer where you can change fonts, style & size [Green Arrow] for each field [Orange Arrow}, Change which user field by changing the field in the calc in the lower Red arrow field and setting the Option to the same ]Upper Red Arrow]. You add fields of information [Blue Arrow] and of course delete fields of information.

Once your label design is complete, choose “Save Form As…” under the File menu at the top of your computer screen, give it a unique name and save to your Custom Plug-ins folder when MW asks.
The shipping labels are completely modifiable. For more information on customizing business forms go to this article on the MoneyWorks support page, or review other related articles on the support blog.

Printing shipping labels is an important function in any business and our accounting software will allow you to print them on the fly when shipping items from any of your sales or purchasing transactions from a Mac or Windows computer.

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