Charging Interest on overdue invoices script

The latest MoneyWorks 6.0.6 update, introduces a new concept of running a MoneyWorks Report as a script.

Basically a Report Script consists of a MoneyWorks custom report that, instead of being installed in the Custom Reports folder, is installed in the Custom Scripts folder. Such a report will appear as an additional command at the bottom of the Command menu.

You can do a lot with a Report Script that you had to previously use something like vbScript (Windows) or AppleScript (Mac), and of course the scripts are platform independent. For example, a Report Script can read a text file, massage it in some way, and then bring the data into your MoneyWorks file as a set of transactions (or customers, jobs etc).

As an example, engineering has created an “Apply Interest” Report Script, which takes the overdue balances in your receivables (either 30+, 60+ or 90+), calculates the interest on these (at a whatever rate you decide), and then optionally creates invoices to charge the overdue customers.

You can download here. You will need to unzip the downloaded file to read the installation and running instructions.

Once installed select the script under the Command menu in Express or Gold (no invoicing in Cashbook) and the report settings will open where you can set the report to calculate interest on invoices at 30+ days, or 60+ or 90+ [Red Arrow], you can set the interest rate that you want to charge e.g. 1% [Blue Arrow], you can either create interest invoices right away by checking the Create Invoices box [Orange Arrow], unchecked you will just get a report. Set the date for the invoices [Green Arrow] and choose the income account that you want to record the interest charges/income to.

Click Run button and MoneyWorks creates a report of the outstanding invoices and amounts charged.

If I had not checked the Create checkbox I could create the invoices from the report at this time or use a guide to just charge the customers that I wanted to charge, if I left the create checkbox unchecked.

In this example MoneyWorks created the interest invoices (note: unposted, in case I have second thoughts).

A great freebee from MoneyWorks engineering department.

For MoneyWorks support in Canada and the USA contact us at

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