Video: How do I modify customer receipts

Q: When my customer makes a payment on an invoice I would like to print a receipt that shows the original items that they purchased.

In MoneyWorks Express and Gold when a customer makes a payment on an outstanding receivables invoice, you create a Receipt transaction coded to that customer and their outstanding invoices appear. When you apply the payment (full or partial) the printed receipt will only show the details it has recorded, the invoice number date amount paid etc., not the detail lines from the original invoice.

However with most things in MoneyWorks you do have options.

In this example the Brown company is making a $500 payment against an outstanding invoice.

Creating a new receipt when I enter Brown in the Customer Code [Red Arrow] the outstanding invoices are displayed, where I can apply the $500 payment on a specific invoice [Blue Arrow] and select print [Green Arrow] and click OK.

Creating Receipts in MoneyWorks

However since the details of this type of receipt only show invoices and payments against those invoices, the only form I can print in MoneyWorks is the Plain Form.

The Plain form in this case is a Remittance Advice listing that the customer has made a payment against an invoice or multiple invoices.

If I choose one of my invoices, it would only pick up the same details of the transaction, the invoice number the amount paid etc. and not the details in the original Sales Invoice.

For many customers this works fine as you have already sent the customer the original invoice and you are now giving them a receipt for the payment.  Of course you can also send customers Statements listing all their invoices and the payments received.

However some customers want to send the details of the original invoice and show the payments received against the original invoice. To accomplish that you have to customize your invoice form to show the Amount Paid on the invoice and  as in the case of Brown, the balance owing.

The following video explains how to quickly do that, using the forms designer.

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