How do I enter my serial number

Q: I have downloaded the trial version and created a company file and have been entering my information in there accordingly.  The trial was about to expire and seeing as I like the program I have went ahead and purchased the program.  I cannot find a way to enter the serial number that came with my product.  Am I missing something?

To enter your serial number in MoneyWorks 6, simply click on the Help menu [Red Arrow], and click on the option Enter Serial.

Cashbook and Express Customers:

Select the “I have purchased a serial number” button [Red Arrow] and the white area at the bottom of the Serial Number window will appear. Enter your name or company’s name in the Registered to Field [Green Arrow] and serial number on your license that came with the CD (if you purchased in a retail store) or the serial/registration number that was sent to you with your download (if you purchased online) [Blue Arrow]. Click Ok [Orange Arrow].

Note: The serial or Registration No. for Cashbook will start with C6C in Canada or U6C in the USA. Likewise Express serial numbers start with C6E or U6E and in all cases followed by a dash, 5 numbers, a second dash and 5 more numbers.

MoneyWorks Gold customers:

For those who have bought MoneyWorks Gold, entering is the same way …. Help menu >  Enter Serial …… however depending if you have additional users or not will depend on the type of installation.

Standalone Single user installation:

Choose “Full MoneyWorks Gold Install” [Red Arrow]. The white area will appear [Blue Arrow] for your details. Enter your name or your company’s name [Green Arrow], your serial/registration number that either came with your download or on the license included in the envelope with the CD if you purchased a retail package [Orange Arrow]. Click Ok [Purple Arrow].
Note: The serial or Registration No. for Gold will start with C6G in Canada or U6G in the USA.

Gold Multi-user installation:

MoneyWorks Gold is multi-user capable, meaning that you can purchase additional client licenses and the computers with the client licenses installed can access the file open on the host computer.
Install Gold on the host computer as above. This will be the computer (Mac or PC) that will be hosting the company file.
On the client computer(s) (Mac or PC) use the same CD if you purchased the retail product or download a second demonstration copy of MoneyWorks if you purchased Gold and the additional user license(s) on line and when the Serial Number window opens (Help menu > Enter Serial No.)
Choose “Client for MoneyWorks Gold Server” [Red Arrow], Enter the unique Client Serial no. [Blue Arrow] and click OK [Green Arrow].
Note: Each client (additional user) must have a unique Gold Client Serial No. Also note that you can change the assigned serial number e.g. if you were changing which computer was hosting the file and which was the connecting client. You would first change the client serial number on the client machine to the hosting serial no. Then move the company file to the new host computer and then change the original hosting computer top the client no.

MoneyWorks Datacentre customers:

With Datacentre ALL serial numbers are entered in the Datacentre console.  However for Datacentre Client you would have MoneyWorks Gold installed on the Client machine and the install type will be as follows: Choose the “Client for MoneyWorks Datacentre Server Option” Click OK.
Note: Datacentre uses concurrent licensing, meaning that you could install the datacentre client on as many computers as desired, however depending upon the no. of concurrent licenses you have purchased only that set number of users can connect at one time. Datacentre ships with a three user concurrent license and additional concurrency can be purchased.

Product Registration

Once you have entered your serial numbers regardless of which MoneyWorks solution you are using and have clicked on OK to accept, you will now have a fully licensed product and will be able to open any files you may have created while you were using the demo (trial version).  With that said it is STRONGLY recommended that you Register your new version 6 “serialized” product.  For Cashbook, Express and Gold users to register your product simply click on the Help menu and then click on Register online.  This will take you to the registration page where you will fill in the required fields.Gold customers that are sharing a company file(s)… Only the host computer will complete the registration.  Clients should not register their product.

Datacentre customers need to activate their server license in the initial setup through the Datacentre Console as part of the initial install, so no need for individual client registration.

For MoneyWorks support in Canada and the USA contact us at

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