How do I use MoneyWorks in French

I am in Quebec & I need to print my cheques in French?

Although MoneyWorks is sold in 70+ countries it is only available in English. However you can enter your account descriptions (chart of accounts), customer and supplier info and your item descriptions in French. If you are using MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Gold you can also customize the existing forms (invoices, purchase orders, packing slips, etc.) in French or create new ones. MoneyWorks also uses the number formats of your operating system, so the English $1,000.00 can be entered as 1000,00$ if desired.  New in version 6 you can also set the written amounts of the cheques to print in French, by using the Forms Designer (not available in MoneyWorks Cashbook).

The easiest way to permanently modify your cheque form is from a payment e.g a payment buying photo copy paper from Dymocks the office supply company.

Selecting the Printer icon (Red Arrow above), and clicking on OK I get to the Print Payments screen where I select the cheque form template from the Use Form popup menu.

Once you have the form template that you are printing to selected, click on the Layout option…

and on the Form Layout Window (page setup & margins) will open, ignore that and click the Edit this form in the Form Designer option as shown below:

The form will now be open in Forms Designer where you can edit it accordingly.  In my example I am going to use the Canada Business 9085 (Canada) form template …. this form template is for payments that are NOT against invoices … in other words payments coded to a ledger accounts.
So with the form template open in Forms designer, select the field (or as we call it “Object”) that outputs the dollar amount in text as follows:

Double-click it to open it so you can edit the calculation that is being used.  The current calculation should be as follows:

This calculation should be changed as follows:

That will give you an output in French:

Alternatively if the form template you are using is (or a modified version of) the Canada Cheque and Remittance  … the one used for payments made against invoices, then the default will look like this:

Change the calculation as follows:

Once you have made the change to the calculation, simply save the form accordingly (File >Save Form As) and that’s it.

As a suggestion if you have a requirement to print both English and French cheques, you could just choose the French or English form depending upon the supplier. Your choice.

For more information about MoneyWorks Support in Canada, in the USA, or in the UK contact

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