New Sales Order feature in Gold

This is one of those features that the engineers don’t tell you about until later.

One of the much requested features in MoneyWorks Gold 6 was the ability to see Effective Stock levels when entering sales orders (i.e. the Stock-on-hand minus whatever has already been allocated on other sales orders).

To display Effective Stock on a Sales Order instead of stock-on-hand, click the column heading for the SOH column in the sales order entry. The heading will change to “Avail”. This setting will stick until you click the heading again to change it back to SOH.

For example:

You are creating a new Sales Order for our customer Scarlet by Design [Green Arrow] and you already have another Sales Order for Smith & Sons [Purple Arrow] waiting to be processed.

Note that SOH (Stock on Hand) column [Orange Arrow] shows us that you have 0 items on hand for the BC100 widget in line one and 5 CB100 Widgets available in line two.

SEriously Good Accounting Software for the Mac

However in V6, if i click the SOH column header [Orange Arrow above] the SOH changes to Avail and the available quantities of the items being ordered are different.

Seriously Good Accounting Software for the MacThe reason being that the Smith & Sons, Sales Order also has these two items on order and waiting to be processed.

So if your priority customer was Smith & Sons, you might not process the Scarlet Order or if you were going to wait until the rest of the Smith & Sons back orders were received you might process the Scarlet order now based on the Stock On Hand Qty and not the Available Qty.

As with most things in MoneyWorks it is your choice.

Nice feature engineering.

For more information about MoneyWorks Support in Canada, in the USA, or in the UK contact

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