Why does the HST/GST/QST report show the last cycle’s data?


In Canada, the HST/GST/QST report is always based on the last finalized GST results. This simply means that you did not finalize the last HST/GST/QST report for that cycle.


Redo the report with the last cycle’s date and finalize it. Then, do the HST/GST/QST report for the current cycle.

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5 thoughts on “Why does the HST/GST/QST report show the last cycle’s data?

    • No. The HST Report only reports Posted Transactions. Review everything about HST here.

      However you could do an enquiry on the HST/GST Paid on expenses and HST/GST collected accounts. Select “include unposted” in the enquiry and then go to the movements tab setting the From & To periods to whatever cycle you want to see, sort the fields e.g by Type and then click the print icon and create a report that subtotals by type.

      For ref see TIPS article on Account Enquiries for multiple accounts here

      • Thanks so much for your help! I have a new question. In the process of preparing my 2011 HST report, I accidentally finalized it before printing. Is there any way I can get back to the 2011 data and print it, in case of an audit?

      • Go to Reports menu > choose GST/HST/QST Report: The Settings window open [Blue Arrow], Click the Old button [Red Arrow] > The Report Choices window opens [Purple Arrow] listing all finalized reports. Highlight the one you want to open [Green Arrow}, click Use [Black Arrow] and you will be back at the Settings Window, where you just click Preview which wll load the chosen report. You can print the report once it is previewed on the screen.

        As outlined in the linked image below.

        Loading Old GST REport

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