How do I adjust the fonts and layouts in reports

Q: My accountant wants a print out of all the transactions for last year. As recommended I choose the Ledger Report, but there are many lines on the report is too tight for him to clearly see. I can adjust the print size, but how is their a way to add spaces between the lines?

MoneyWorks allows you to choose the font that your want to use for reports and set up the page layout for each of your reports. Here’s how.

Setting your default fonts.

You can choose the font that you want to use for Reports & your List Views in MoneyWorks by going to the MoneyWorks Preferences in the Setting Up Navigator Window [Red Arrow] and clicking the MoneyWorks Preferences button [Green Arrow] which will open the MoneyWorks Preferences Window.

The MoneyWorks Prefs window will open, click the Fonts tab and then click the Set List View Font and/or Set Printing Font which in each case will allow you to select the font and font size from the Fonts list you have installed on your computer.

Seriously Good Accounting software for the macPage Layout for Reports

You can adjust the layout individually  for each report in the report settings, when you run the report, e.g. the default settings for the Ledger Report looks like so:

Seriously Good Accounting software for the mac

Selecting you full year e.g. Jan to Dec 2010 in this case, the report looks like so in Preview.

Seriously Good Accounting software for the mac

Since your accountant probably mat want to see more descriptions or details and spacing for review, adjust the report settings like so:

Clicking the Page Setup icon [Green Arrow} opens the Page Setup for the report, select Landscape as shown, Click OK. For reference the Page Margins icon on the right [REed Arrow] opens your margins for the report. Note: it usually not necessary to customize margins, but it is there on all reports if you need to.

Seriously Good Accounting software for the mac

Note you can also enter a title for reports e.g. Ledger Report Fiscal 2010 or if you do not want a title to appear, remove the title by clicking the Title in the report set up section [Small Purple Arrow]. Likewise you can show or not show the date current date of that you are printing the report or page numbers [Other Small Purple Arrows].

Click Preview and the report prints in Landscape showing more details in the Description section.

Seriously Good Accounting software for the macThe same page set up options apply to all reports in all versions of MoneyWorks.

For more information about MoneyWorks Support in Canada, in the USA, or in the UK contact

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