How do I import two names into one field

Q: Our current customer / supplier database is set up with split name fields, first and last, and MoneyWorks uses just a single name field for both first and last names, is there away to import or combine the two name fields used in our current database so we can import them into MoneyWorks?

When importing records e.g. Names, Items, from a text file with various columns and rows, you line up the MoneyWorks fields to the fields (columns) in the import file.

However you can also add calculations or set values to MoneyWorks Fields. In answer to your question the import file has a column for for first name and a column for last name. The MoneyWorks Contact field is for both first and last names.

The two fields (first name and last name) in your import file will appear in the MoneyWorks names import map and will be assigned a Source Field ID (number).

e.g. 82 & 83 in this case

In the Contact Destination field of the map uncheck the right facing arrow [Blue] and double click in the Use Value column [Green] and the Use Value window opens [Red], select Calculate Value and enter  a calculation to use the values from the two source fields_fields:  _82 + “” + _83 as shown below [Gold], click OK and proced with the Import.
In this example the Contacts first name Allan and last name Amith appear in the Contact field in the name’s record, If you had second contact in your import fill do a similar thing for the Contact2 field for these customers or suppliers,

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